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Little Traveler Toys: Family Travel Fail Stories

As parents who travel with young children, we all know that no matter how prepared we think we are, our kids can throw us a curve ball the size of Montana and completely derail the trip for a matter of time. From projectile vomit to blowouts and accidents, meltdowns, lost baggage and missed flights, we're all bound to experience some major family travel fails at some point. Call it Murphy's Law or simply the joys of young parenthood. These stories are always more hilarious looking back than they are in the moment.

So, to commemorate the brave and resilient parents who endure the trials and tribulations of family travel, we've started a series called Little Traveler Toys: Family Travel Fail Stories.

Our first story comes from Colleen, a working mom of 3, who flew solo with her infant son to the Caribbean. 

I was traveling with Bram on the plane to St. Lucia, thinking it was a great idea to take him with me on a work trip. It was a long and hot flight and he was bored and cranky. The plane hit some turbulence and we were bouncing around a bit. He was on my lap facing me (he was still under age 2 so he was free that way) and suddenly without warning, he projectile vomited all over my dress.
I had been congratulating myself for being prepared with extra diapers, wipes, and changes of clothing for him, but I had not even considered the possibility that I might need an extra change of clothing. The passengers on either side of me were horrified, as I tried to navigate us out of the seat with him, pukey, against my body and my diaper bag on my shoulder.
We made it back to the bathroom (it's amazing how people will gladly move out of your way when you're covered in puke with a crying toddler) and we squeezed into the bathroom. I was somehow able to strip off his clothing, wipe him down, and change him (he seriously looked like a million bucks when I was done and he even felt better with his lunch out of his stomach).
I on the other hand had to remove my dress which was stuck to me from the vomit against my skin and rinsed it in the sink, wringing it out the best I could. I think had to put it back on (wet) and wrapped myself in a pashima I had brought for nursing him, and covered myself in perfume to hide the vomit smell. 
All in all, we made it there just fine, but it is not a travel experience that I would ever want to repeat!
Oh Colleen, we're so sorry you had to experience that!! Your story is why we always pack an extra shirt for ourselves in our carry-on! Does Colleen's story remind you of any horrible/hilarious family travel stories you have? Leave a comment below or tag us on Instagram @littletravelertoys #LTTfamilytravelfail. We'll be on the lookout for family travel fail stories to feature next!

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