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Extra Passport Sticker Set

Extra Passport Sticker Set

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Add an extra set of 80 passport sticker stamps for your return flight home. 

Our stickers are designed to look like actual passport stamps, just much cuter and more fun for your little one to fill their (pretend) passport with. 

Each sticker represents the state animal of 50 United States and the unique landmarks, activities, or animals of 30 countries.

Includes 4 (4"x6") sticker sheets.

How to use our stickers to maximize the time your child plays with them:  

1. Stickers are great for practicing fine motor skills, especially for children 12-18 months old. Peel the backing off of the sticker page to help your child remove the sticker more easily. 

2. Talk to them about the different types of animals and landmarks. 

3. Count common animals. Some states share the same official animal, which is the most common? Least common? 

4. Categorize based on type of animal or landmark (building or national park). Your child may choose to stick all deer together on one page and dogs on the next. 

5. Print out a free map from our Printable's page and talk to your child about where each sticker is from, then place that sticker on the corresponding state or country. 

There are endless opportunities for teachable moments and parent-child bonding while traveling! Make the most of your time spent with the seatbelt sign on and notice how quickly the time goes by!