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About Us


When my daughter Claire was 14 months old we took a trip back home to Georgia for my sister-in-law’s wedding.  Although we had traveled with Claire a few times before then, she was now mobile so keeping her happy on my lap was going to be quite a challenge. I knew my travel toy game needed to be strong in order to keep her attention.

A couple of weeks before our trip I started searching family travel blogs and Pinterest for great travel toy ideas. One seemed promising - a day of the week pill box filled with Puffs and little animals. “Awesome!,”I thought. So, off I went and bought a bag of little animal erasers and a pill box online that held a month’s worth of pills.  

The night before our trip, in addition to my never-ending to-do list, I started filling in the pill box. The animals seemed a bit small, but we’d both be with her the whole time, so it should be fine, I thought. 

Travel day came and I was feeling pretty good. As soon as we were in the air I pulled out the pill box. “Check this out,” I thought. I am a total Pinterest mom. So savvy. So creative. Yay me! You are both so lucky.

Well, as soon as Claire opened one of the tabs, she’d grab one of the animal erasers and pull the head off. One after another. It was a massacre, but even worse, it was a horrible choking hazard for my daughter. My husband just looked at me like, “Are you trying to kill her?” Oh no. And then with every Puff that went into her mouth, 5 more landed on the floor and were immediately crushed into the carpet. It was all a mess. 

Tiny animal heads and Puff dust in the seat, on the floor, and in the aisle. Finally I just gave her the flight safety insert and gave up. 

I spent hours preparing for that flight. I searched for the perfect, attention-keeping, unique travel toys for her and the best, comprehensive family travel packing lists for me. I pinned and Googled until I could pin and Google no more. And I failed. 

See, before I had Claire I provided research support to national and international public health programs. I've worked with some of the best researchers at the CDC, The University of Georgia's Center for Global Health & College of Public Health, and  a national children's hospital. I believe that if you compile enough data and analyze it, you will come up with an answer.

And yet, there is so much subjective family travel advice out there that it can be overwhelming. I had faced this overwhelm before when attempting to sleep-train Claire. I’d search my parenting apps and mom forums exhaustively. I’d buy and highlight 5-10 books on the subject, when finally my husband would say “You’re making yourself crazy. You have to find one voice to listen to and trust and forget the rest.”  He was right (he usually is). 

So I thought, why isn’t there one central place that makes great toys especially for travel with tried and true advice and resources for parents? Just one place where I can go and get exactly what I need for our trip and be done. When I couldn’t find it, I decided to create it.

Deciding to start a company while also being a stay at home mom to a 3 year old and an 18 month old may be the craziest thing I've ever done. Yet, I wouldn't do it if I didn't believe in my products or my ability to offer something fresh and unique to the family travel space.

I work before the kids get up, at nap times, and late at night. I do this because I want to make family travel days less stressful for you by creating quality toys and activities that will keep your child's attention and give you a break. When you think of taking a trip, I want you to think of Little Traveler Toys.

It would be my honor to fill your child's backpack with new, fun, mind-expanding, educational toys that he or she can play with on the trip and at home for years to come. Thank you for the opportunity to make your trip a little bit easier and a lot more fun :) 

Much love & safe travels,