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Nursing at the airport with Mamava

If you're traveling with baby and need a clean, quiet, comfortable place to nurse away from home, I highly suggest you download the Mamava app before you go. 


From mamava.com:

Our mobile app locates and unlocks Mamava pods in public places and helps you find 2000+ other pumping-friendly places vetted by Mamava. Because bathrooms are never acceptable!

  • Unlock Mamava pods using the proprietary Mamava SmartLock.
  • Find other spaces (2000+) we've approved for pumping and breastfeeding. Comfortable, private, and never a bathroom. 
  • Promote lactation by listening to Mamava's guided lactation meditation.
  • Enjoy useful breastfeeding resources on-the-go.
  • Create breastfeeding goals.
  • Add photos of your babes to help with letdown while you're pumping.

Do you and your baby a favor and download the app now so you don't have to worry about it at the airport. If you have time now and want to make sure your airport has a pod, or nursing room, click here

Nursing rooms are becoming more common at airports (update: now required by law!), so if your airport does not have a Mamava pod, check to see if/ where they have a designated room. I've also had good experiences in those (clean, quiet, comfortable).

I have no relationship with Mamava other than I just happened upon one of their pods while traveling with my baby and was so thankful for a clean, quiet, comfortable spot to nurse my baby close to our gate. Neither my son or daughter has ever tolerated a nursing cover, so I am forever grateful for a room with a door that's not a bathroom!!